Creating a new identity

Keep it simple and make it relevant.

Not always an easy task but at Burton Creative we have created many visual identities

that have created an appropriate and memorable snapshot that identifies a company instantly.


View a selection of recently completed projects below

Scope Engineering

Manufacturers of Jacking Beams and Pit Jacks

that are used extensively in motor vehicle garages.

Cafe Velo

A unique, cycling themed cafe in Beverley which
draws inspiration from the golden age of cycling.

The Works Cleaning Services

Working with major house builders to

clean and present new builds ready for decoration.

Journey Apparel

A proposed identity for a new retail development

The Works Garden Services

A professional family run Gardening business

for the Leeds and Harrogate area.

Hunter's Biltong

Producers of authentic Beef Biltong made from

prime Beef and genuine South African spices.